The Swiss-Italian border city: Domodossola


Domodossola is a small Italian city that I did not know existed till a day before I visited it. Talk about spontaneity, eh? Well, before you I get all the credit for this ‘spontaneity’ I have to admit that I will place this city under I-found-this-beautiful-place-because-my-travel-planning-got-screwed section. Yeah! We all have those experience, don’t we?

Last weekend was a long weekend and our black forest trip planning was failing miserably due to planning it at a very short notice. Everything that was nice or under-the-budget was booked out so I came up with the brilliant alternate plan to visit Milan instead.

We found a nice AirBnb (Get yourself 30 euros credit if you use this link to sign up!) apartment and sorted out what we would like to do there. Just one problem left: All the fast (EC) trains were booked out. So, we had no option but to travel slower and regional. (It was not the Yay moment at that time but we were glad we finally found a way to convert our plan into action! Phew!). And this is why I will take another chance to point you to my How to plan travel post. (#IronyQueen alert?)

Rubbing our eyes next morning at 6 am, we got ready for a early morning train ride that will now take more than 5 hours rather than the normal 3-3.5 hour time. Little did we know that a small surprising Domodossola was waiting for us!

On the way to Domodossola

Sometimes just gazing out the window makes your day better!

Well, Domodossola is a small Italian town on the foot of Italian Alps. It is a hub for connecting trains between Switzerland (cities like Lucarno, Brig, etc) and Italy (cities like Milan etc).

Have you read my post about the other Swiss-Italian border town, Lugano yet?

I did not know anything about it other than that I will have 2.5 hours here waiting for my next train. Of course, I set upon my self-guided walking tour of the beautiful town with hubby dear. Just the journey till here was enough to incite curiosity in the city. Surrounding alps set up a very beautiful and refreshing vibe for the city.

Domodossola train station

Nice and clean train station

Italian vibe

Surprisingly, the city was oozing with people. Whole city was covered with small street shops, beautiful cafes and cute buildings. From clothes, to bags to kitchen utensils, you can buy everything from the huge street market (probably a weekend thing!). I liked the green decorated balconies, the old feel of the city, beautiful alps and most of all, expressive people! I love places where you can just observe people. Their ways, actions, expressions. And Domodossola did not disappoint. Too much for a city you did not know existed a day before 😀 Well, as they say,  keep surprising yourself!

Domodossola street shops

Some street shops!

After a while we took a break and stopped for lunch at the restaurant just in front of train station. Usually I would not have done that but the clock was ticking on our head. This place was quite crowded and we took our chances. People were nice and service was very fast. Pizza was just okay for Italian standards (not like my amazing Rome Pizza! You ruined everything for me Rome!) but coffee was great (I would not have expected otherwise from Italy! :D)!

Pizza and coffee in Domodossola

Pizza was average but the coffee was amazing!

Statue in Domodossola

Head high!

We found the city very cute and totally worth our time. It had a very regional touch to it. Coffee was amazing! Earned brownie points for Domodossola. If you have more time, hiking can be definitely recommended. If you are more in a relaxing and sightseeing mood, take a train to Lake Maggiore! Beautiful gem we found and I am extremely proud of it!

Refreshed by the beautiful walk and small break we were all set for our next destination! Milan here we come!

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  2. What a refreshingly charming place it is! And an equally interesting name 🙂 thanks for sharing… will have it on my list for the next authentic Italian experience- sans the pizza here 😛

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